who let tha dogs out?

Sorry, had to say that, I couldn’t resist. If you’ve seen the Honda Civic commercial featuring that song, the guy in the car is Pat Mastroianni, who played Joey Jeremiah in the Degrassi serieses on CBC.

Things concerning school have cleared up for the time being. If I keep putting my mind to it it will all get sorted out in the end.

Getting a haircut is always a weird thing for me. I dread going for some unknown reason, but after it’s done I feel so good. I got a haircut today. I didn’t really dread going beforehand, being there was good, and I felt great afterwards. Yay. I think that getting your hair cut is like being on the subway: there is an almost total stranger who is invading your personal space for an extended period of time. Who wants some weird person with sharp implements near your head? Think about it.

Yay! UNNA is back from the dead!


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