For some reason thinking about the Tribes games we used to play last year in residence. Sigh, the memories.

Today I thought about how lucky I am. I was talking with Mel and Sandy in the CASU office today and she mentioned that over the holidays that she had part of her kidney removed. I didn’t ask any further but I was suddenly aware of my own fairly good health. I know that a few of my friends have problems as well, and I don’t want to sound selfish, but I’m happy that I’m fine.

Last night while Sandy was making Lasagna for dinner, I made chocolate-covered pretzels. They’re dead easy to make and very delicious. You need:

  • Pretzels. Use the small twisted ones, or if you live in Canada and have access to a store that sells President’s Choice products, buy the pretzels that are in a grid. They hold more chocolate that way.
  • Chocolate. I suggest using milk chocolate baking wafers, but you can use chocolate chips or anything else you want. It is getting melted, after all.

Lay out a piece of tin foil to put the pretzels on to dry. Grab a microwave bowl or measuring cup and put some chocolate in – up to about 1/2 cup if you use a measuring cup. Nuke it in the microwave for about a minute, then stir until the remaining chocolate bits are melted. Don’t burn the chocolate. Grab some pretzels, dip them in the chocolate and place them on the foil. When they dry you can just peel them off the foil and put them into a container. When you run out of chocolate, just nuke some more.


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