will the messed-up crap please stop now?

I have a new job. I’m working at Maptuit in the support group. Hey, it’s a steady job – actually my first full-time job yet.

Now, on the other hand RBC has totally fucked up my last pay, and now I have to wait for the next payroll cycle for them to adjust it properly again. Who the hell says the have the right to go into my bank account and take out money anyways? I already don’t want to go back there.

I spent the past two weeks helping out Grant to move a bunch of websites from three servers onto one new one. Unfortunately, on the weekend he tore a tendon in his leg and will be out of commission for a while… but I kinda need the money he owes me! Well, I’ll have to call him and see what’s going on. Because of all of this SARS crap they’re severely restricting visitors to the hospital he’s in.

On the lighter side… we went and saw Finding Nemo last night. It was good, damn good. There was a lot of water, which meant a much simpler physics model for Pixar to deal with, except for some moments and jokes where it was suspended, eg. baby turtles sliding down a big sea turtle’s back as if it was a playground slide. But then again, this movie has fish with human-like faces (well, at least eyes). Overall it was excellent.


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  1. Congratulations again on the job. Sounds good. In Australia, a bank is not permitted to withdraw money after an error by your employer (or themselves) without consent. They often do it but when the customers complain to the ombudsman they general get a refund and an apology….