glagnar’s human rinds

Song: Futurama Theme Remix

Oh yeah, Futurama. I haven’t been watching this season, but I intend to start again.

I had a relaxing week. It was really good staying with Sandy’s family. I wished that I was in Toronto at times, but OTOH it was nice to be forced to do nothing. Being bored can be good.

I’m forming this strange bond with Sandy’s brother. Sandy said he really really likes me and that he doesn’t usually open up to people like he’s been opening up to me. On wednesday night we drove around together to pick up Sandy’s PlayStation and assorted other things, and talked as equals. I suspect that he doesn’t have a lot of people up there that understand him, or are willing to listen. I hope he gets into college.

This week I have to help write a design doc, and I have two mid-terms. Tonight, though, I’m going to keep on relaxing. Those PlayStation controllers need some breaking in.


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