you can hear happiness straggling on down the street

After thinking about it for a while, finally dug out my Hendrix CDs. Yay.

I had an awesome weekend, it being my birthday on Saturday and all. Jor, thanks for the PoE card; Tony, thanks for the LEGO; and Emily, thanks for the six LEGO sets 🙂 It was great seeing all of my friends out and having a good time, I haven’t done that in a while.

Saw A.I. last night. I liked it, but I know people who didn’t. A lot of the pleasure I got out of it was from considering the actions of the characters and the ethical and moral problems that ooze from the pores of the film. I agree with people who say that the last half-hour was probably unnecessary. I could almost picture Spielberg struggling over the ending, repeating to himself over and over “Must…make…happy…ending!”

What else… oh. Added more Newton ads. Bought myself a birthday present: The Killer and Hard-Boiled on DVD.


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