to the bass

Got another Hed Kandi album: Serve Chilled 3. I was suprised that HMV is starting to get a little smarter: the cashier scrawled “EXCHANGE #2” on my receipt. I wonder what they’re going to start to do with this… anyways, I think I genuinely don’t like this album. A little too mellow for me. I should have gotten something with a little more edge.

Eugh… yeah. It’s time for one of my semi-regular lists ‘o crap! Yeah!

  • Finally got that UNNA upload form done. It’s ugly, but functional.
  • Working on NewtDump again. Almost have the ability to only export from specific folders working. Should eventually work for all of the built-in apps that support folders (Names, Notes, Calls, In/Out, Quotes, Fortunes).
  • After some discussion in NewtonTalk where people said it couldn’t be done, I picked up an old Megahertz Allpoints Wireless Mobitex card courtesy of a reader, and am investigating the usefulness of writing a new NewtonOS driver for it. Phew.
  • UNNA CD orders just keep comin’.
  • Got free SMS again via Me43. So that means that is up and running again.

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