Listening to Zwan right now, Billy Corgan and James Iha’s new band.
Interesting. A bad recording of their show though.

The week is over, yay. Had three assignments, one easy, two average. Got it all done. Felt great about that.

Yesterday I was away all day. In the morning my parents came and picked me up and we went to visit my Grandma. She’s been living with Alzheimer’s for… seven years now? I’m not sure, I haven’t visited her in a long time. She’s been in full-time care for a while. It was a little scary.
She can’t really talk anymore. She just… sits there. It was really sad, there’s not much more to say.

The rest of yesterday, however, was spent at the first meeting of Southern Ontario Newton Users in a long time. We spent over three hours talking, comparing machines and accessories, beaming, helping, beaming, disassembling eMates, beaming, and such. It was great, and I got to put faces to names I’ve seen on the mailing list for a long time. Peter Cameron took a few photos and put them up. From top to bottom, here are my descriptions of the photos:

  1. Left: Roman Tarnovetsky, artist and guitar maker, with Mimi Cipollone, teacher, on the right.
  2. I’ve forgotten some names already 🙁
  3. That’s Jonathan Wise in the centre, and me on the side opening up Mimi’s original RCU box.
  4. L to R: Stephanie Maks taking apart someone’s eMate, Greg Spencer in the middle I believe, and Michael Blazer on the right. Michael brought “loot bags” for everyone – thanks Michael!
  5. Roman looking at something-or-other on his Powerbook.
  6. A great photo of one of the eMate hinge repairs Stephanie did. Mimi brought some thin roofing washers and used some tin snips to fashion them into spring retainers.

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