Back to our regularly scheduled programming, broadcast from Greyhound bus number 6430…

This was written yesterday by me on the bus ride home.

Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks that most of the Toronto -> Guelph Greyhound drivers are morons. One guy waiting for the 3:30 with me today suggested applying electro-Shock therapy to some of them. Luckily today the driver of the 3:30 is the crazy fast driver I had at the beginning of the month (and never since). Chances are we’ll be there before 5.

One week until our big Symposium at work. I’m off the hook for grunt jobs during it, though: I get to help film the event. Speaking of filming, I also hare a brand-new camera to use: a Canon ZR40. It’s coming to Europe with my mom and I. It’s been so long since I shot anything, but I’d love to have the opportunity to work on a project. At my current and ongoing levels of commitment to everything else though…

The one thing that is certain in my life right now is Sandy. I’m finally at that turning point in life that I’ve been striving towards just a-out my entire life. It’s that time between schooling and, well, everything else. I’m really running my own life now. I’m fairly happy with the decisions I’ve made thus far. Sandy said something last week: The only reason you stay in a relationship with someone is because every morning you wake up and decide to stay with that person. Through good and not-so-good, I’ve been making that decision every day for over 18 months, and it’s been the best decision I could make.

Now pardon me while I administer some electro-shock therapy to the person In front of me. Boy am I glad I’ll be flying business class.


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