this. morning. sucked. ass.

I spilled a glass of water all over one of the bookshelves this morning. You’d think that the aftermath of such a boneheaded maneuver would have woken me up, but I’m sitting here sipping my second coffee of the morning. I mopped up everything as fast as I could, and had to throw out half a ream of paper because it was soaked all the way through. Also, books don’t like to be wet, and what happened? The brunt was poured right onto the shelf where all of our recently purchased Sluggy books are. In a word, fuck.

After that, I had to run around to find my security pass (in my shirt pocket, hanging in the closet), cell phone (in the back pouch of my bag), grab a sweater to put on, and what did I forget? My headphones. For me, I may as well have left a third of my brain at home. Listening to music keeps me functioning at work. By 2pm, I’ve got my headphones on if I already haven’t been listening all day. Crap on a stick. We’ll see if I make it through the day…


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  1. My poor boy. Just think though, tomorrow you can stay home and sleep in and then we get a day of fun together.