breaking the habit

Not smoking, thank goodness, but caffeine. My three coffee per day average is not a good thing. I blame the rich, smooth flavour of the free Starbucks at work though, not my own weak will to resist it. Anyways. Instead of having a coffee-coffee-coffee day I’m going to start having a coffee-coffee-green tea day. Green tea has about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee, so if I can ease myself onto green tea instead, I’ll be dependent on less caffeine and I won’t be making my teeth turn brown. I did do this once, for about five months, and then I came back to work at Maptuit again and the free coffee was there… so good… mmm… slurp


One reply

  1. if you have trouble with the green tea, start off slow, have some Black tea instead…then when you’re used to the black tea, switch to the green tea….soooper easy….