Nothing like some wackos on a Tuesday.

Steve Currey’s Expedition Company – Voyage to Our Hollow Earth – This sounds like it’ll be one helluva trip. I mean, just look at the itinerary: Day 1 – Depart your Hometown to Moscow.

Day 2 – Arrive in Moscow. Transfer to Hotel Russia. Sightseeing Moscow. Overnight in Hotel Russia front of St. Basil’s.

Day 3 – Sightseeing Moscow in morning. Afternoon flight to Murmansk. Board Yamal Icebreaker. Overnight aboard Yamal.

Days 4-7 Enroute to North Pole

Day 8 – Spend day at the North Pole

Days 9-11 Enroute to Inner Continent

Days 12-14 Travel up Hiddekel River to City of Jehu.

Days 15-16 Monorail trip to City of Eden to visit Palace of the King of the Inner World

Days 17-18 Monorail trip back to City of Jehu

Days 19-23 Enroute from City of Jehu back to Murmansk.

Day 24 Flight Murmansk to Moscow. Connecting flight back to your hometown.


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  1. My favourite part:
    joining Our Hollow Earth Expedition, expedition members agree that there are NO GUARANTEES that this expedition will reach Inner earth. The expedition will make a good faith effort to locate the North Polar Opening and enter therein