We’re back, after a minor meltdown…

You might have noticed that we were offline for a while. That’s because the RAID array on the server here took a fatal blow, and then rose from the ashes like a phoenix to see another day. Thanks to Stan for his heroics.

It’s been hella busy these last four or five days. On the weekend we went up to see Sandy’s parents. I worked Saturday in the computer store and found a bunch of used stuff which I’ll be unloading for them. On Saturday night we went to the pub in town for karaoke night. Let’s say that I’ve been avoiding karaoke all my life, and for good reason: I can’t sing. Well I stepped up anyways, and missed an entire verse of Weezer’s “Keep Fishin'” but kept on going anyways. I think that’s the primary goal in karaoke anyways. Sandy sang way better than me. Her brother’s friends were there too, and belted out the worst rendition of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It” ever heard in this hemisphere.

On Sunday it was a surprise baby shower for Sandy’s brother’s girlfriend, who is due around March 1. We had spent all weekend running around getting the last-minute things for the shower while trying to keep it a surprise, and after a few close calls we finally made it and surprised her. She was incredibly happy. Sandy worked hard with her mom at the last minute to host it and make sure it went smoothly and it did. Kudos.

At the same time, Mike (Sandy’s brother) and his dad and his friends and I were busy hauling garbage and various other stuff out of the horse barn behind the house, getting it ready to be converted into an apartment. Nothing like moving straw bales and 12000 feet of electric fence to keep warm in -10 weather!


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