wireless shopping list

Because I have old hardware, I need weird networking devices.

  • PCI 2.1 (not 2.2) and Linux compatible 802.11b network card. Almost all cards are PCI 2.2, and the motherboard in my home server freezes when I try to use a PCI 2.2 card.
  • 5V 16-bit PCMCIA 802.11b card – must be based on Lucent/Agere or Prism/Prism2 chipsets – basicially any card on this list.
  • Some kind of 802.11b <-> Ethernet bridge, so I can extend the home network into the basement where the PPC Mac and other things will live.

Anyone got this stuff kicking around? Let me know.


One reply

  1. I’ve got a Lucent WaveLan Silver card — but you can’t have it. It’s the greatest $40 I ever spent on a piece of hardware. It works in every machine I’ve put it in — from the Newton (for which I bought it), to numerous versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS (9 and X). I’m sure this is the one you’re looking for, and it’s definately worth dropping a little bit of cash on…