Finally, an excuse to wire all floors

I bought a broadband adapter (aka Ethernet card) for my GameCube yesterday, $29 pre-owned at EB. A pretty good deal I think.

Plus, I’m planning on setting up my PowerMac 6100/66 in the basement, now that i have an extra monitor to use with it.

So now… I need to figure out how to get network throughout my house. Luckily, my house is small. Also luckily, the wall behind the entertainment unit where the GameCube backs onto the stairs to the basement, and the other side of the wall is unfinished, so that will make it much easier to say mount a proper wall box with an RJ-45 jack.

Also, this wall is right below where the computers are right now, and right above where the computers will be when we finish the basement – so it’s relatively easy to run cable.

Mmm, now I can’t stop thinking about going home and running cable. Cable runs are good.


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  1. Won my BBA yesterday, should be here by next week. Saved about $10 over retail, but still had to pay $40 for it. For only 3 networkable games, I’m not sure if this is an even more ridiculous investment than my Dreamcast BBA… It was $100US and it came from Japan, but still at least there were 6 or more games and you could use it to boot to Linux and other hacking goodness…