I just want to know one thing.

Which UI engineer at Microsoft thought that mapping Backspace to the ‘Back’ browser function in IE was a good idea? When you think you’re typing in a text field, but you’re not, and suddenly you’re not on the page you thing you are, that’s bad. Argh.

Bonus points for someone who can tell me how the fudge to disable this crap. For some apps at work I have to use IE, so Firefox is not a fix for this problem.


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  2. Hi Victor,
    The BackSpace wont work as a Back Button if we are in a text field or a textbox. For sure this feature is annoying, but we have to live with it 🙂
    Take Care.

  3. I like the backspace key thing — before mice with back buttons it was a great time saver. But I guess it should probably be deprecated now…