CBC News: Federal ‘feebate’ could pinch SUV buyers – good. Screw SUVs.

And the people in this article who are against this fee are all like “people won’t be able to take their kids to hockey games or pull their camper”. Jesus. I can fit a hockey bag in a Pontiac Vibe just as well as I can put it into a Ford Explorer. Except one uses half the fuel. And you know, if you can afford your own camper trailer, then you can probably afford the fee for your gas-guzzing SUV. If you can’t, it’s probably cheaper in the long run to buy a small car and then rent a bigger vehicle occasionally when you need one.

Car dealers won’t like this because SUVs are hot sellers and they make huge margins on them. For christ sakes people, PROFIT IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD.


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  1. Agreed! Nothing makes me angrier than some dick-head yuppy sitting by himself in an over-sized Expedition XLT, eclipsing the sun and burning more fuel in a half an hour than my car does in a day!

  2. PS: Did you know that at the start of his first term, when SUVs were really taking off as the latest automobile “fashion”, President Bush over-threw a proposal that would require SUVs to have the same fuel-consumption as a mini-van.
    Even though it was technically possible to make SUVs with low fuel consumption, he didn’t deem it important enough to have “The Big 3” design their vehicles just a little bit better.
    The results are… obvious.

    Incidentally, Saturns VUE (their SUV) has better fuel consumption than their LS200 (the mid-sized sedan).