That Axe Commercial

If you live in Canada, and you watch television, you’ve probably seen a commercial for Axe Shower Gel. In this particular spot, there’s a naked man being chased by a pack of dogs through backyards, etc (ostensibly because he was cheating with the dog owner’s wife/girlfriend). In any case Sandy and I loved the music in the background, and as Meatwad would say “the beat is awesome.”

So I e-mailed the people at Unilever (parent company) to find out what the song is. Unfortunately, this is what they wrote:

Subject: RE: Home and Personal Care related enquiry
Date: 29/03/2005 09:27

Hi Victor,
Thanks for writing!
The song was created for the commercial by contracted composers, which is often
the case for advertising.  Unfortunately it is not available anywhere else. 



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  1. Hey, actually you can d/l the song off the net. It’s called “Factor Miedo” by Cartel de Santa

  2. thank you so much i’ve been looking everywhere to find the name of that song!!!

  3. Thanks for the help folks! I’d been looking everywhere too. Now, to just find it somewhere…

  4. Have you tried sites like this one:

    That’s how I found the Mitsubishi Song (Breathe by Telepop Musik)

  5. Jon: yes, of course.

    IMHO, they suck though, as they are extremely US-centric. It’s always the first place I check and they virtually never have the info I need.


    go there and on the side is a clip, i found it for my friend within 5 mins