The garbage that is the ticketmaster system

Subject: The garbage that is the ticketmaster system

When I sit on the toilet in the morning, I crap out better web systems than your pathetic piece of garbage which I have been suffering through as a member of the ticket buying public for years now. I’m talking about and of course.

I want to throw up when I think about how after 4+ years of online ticket sales you still come up with ways to screw up people’s transactions. The latest effort being the “word verification” garbage currently coming down the pipe. When this system ( obviously blew up around 10:15 AM EST today and stopped responding, and I was in the middle of purchasing Coldplay tickets – great tickets, I might add (Thu, Mar 23, 2006, sec 121 row 20 seats 16 & 17) – and suddenly I couldn’t load this stupid verification image – even though you already had my credit card number, via my account, and I had already solved one of these pieces of garbage – no, you couldn’t generate a 290×80 pixel image in THREE MINUTES, the timeout for my transaction.

Haven’t you people learned how to plan for a major traffic surge? Don’t you know how to run lean, optimized code so people can USE YOUR BLOODY SERVICE?!!

Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t care because you can make so much more dirty money by running auctions to inflate ticket prices, and besides, someone will buy all the tickets anyways and you’ll get your extortionist $9.75/ticket service fee and put it in your pocket and never actually improve your service. Bands are forced to enter into evil contracts with you because you run around North America bribing venue owners with envelopes of money, and when someone does try to do business without you you go out of your way to discredit and muscle them out of business.

Your monopoly on ticket sales across North America is disgusting. I hope that your sickening business practices cause you fester under the boiling hot sun of public opinion until you wither into a pile of dust and the wind blows you away into history.


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  1. Did they reply?

  2. No, of course not. And I even took the time to remove all profanity before I sent it to them. The sheer nerve!