A Rickin’ good time

On Friday evening we attended a taping of Rick Mercer Report down at CBC Television in downtown Toronto. It was a blast and an interesting experience. I’d never been in a real television studio before, so I was interested to go just to see what the inside of the building looked like. Both of us were stoked to see Rick Mercer live though. The show was great, and hilarious – even funnier than just watching the show, because half of the fun is Rick and the production crew keeping the audience amused while they change set pieces, setup new shots, etc etc. I’d never seen unionized stagehands move large glass desks to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance before. Also we got to see the full taped segments before they were edited for time. Many Sony cube monitors, namely PVM-2030s, were hung over the audience area. And boy do they pack’em into Studio 46 – the studio is much smaller than I thought it was. And the icing on the cake was that Sandy got Rick’s autograph at the end.

We’d go again in a second – but tickets are already all gone for the entire season! So the rest of you will have to tune in to CBC, Tuesday night at 8. See that bald guy in the blue sweater in the audience, on the left side, second row? That’s me.


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