Home network re-wire project

I drew four network diagrams before finally figuring out how I was going to hook things up at home. I really wanted something to provide QoS to the VoIP phone adapter, and ended up borrowing a Linksys wired router (BEFSR81) that does port-based QoS. Doing QoS in Linux is really, really scary, and I wasn’t prepared to spend the time to wrap my head completely around it. On this router I just say “port 1 has high priority over everything else” and that should work just fine.

So last night I spent an hour installing the new router, reconfiguring my old Microsoft wireless router to be a bridge (but also a wireless access point at the same time), running an Ethernet cable in the ceiling to connect one router to the other, moving the UPS over to the wiring cabinet, and then re-wiring everything and tidying up. But now the networking part of this project is… done!

The final part will be wiring the security system up to the VoIP connection, testing it, and then when our Bell phone line is gone, hooking up the house phone jacks to VoIP.


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