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Do you watch this show, Lost?

Today’s Penny Arcade is a must for anyone who watches Lost on ABC.

CBC News: Backlog at border delaying international mail: Canada Post – I am waiting for two packages because Canada Customs is too friggin’ slow!

A novel way to get a job…

I was walking downtown at lunchtime today and saw this guy standing outside First Canadian Place at Bay and King – arguably the busiest intersection in Toronto, and the centre of the financial district. A novel way to try and get a job, that’s for sure. Maybe he should have a phone number or something […]

Vote Robocratic!

I resemble this remark…

Broadband users are impatient – Apparently people who have Broadband expect the same speed of service in real life. I can definately vouch for that. I’ve personally had broadband in some form since 1998 and even before then had broadband in high school. I’m also highly impatient in line at stores.

Wouldn’t you just love a Cowch of your very own? No, they’re not made from real cow.

fun on the train this morning

CBC Toronto – Man shot dead in downtown stand-off – This was going on as I got off the GO Train in Union station this morning. The station was evacuated, Front St was closed from Yonge to University (a very busy street during the morning rush), no one was being let into the underground PATH […]

Near -crushing If there’s

Near -crushing If there’s something I’ve learned from living in Toronto and attending UTS, it’s how to jaywalk.UTS, my former high school, is situated at the corner of Bloor & Spadina in Toronto. This is a very busy intersection at most times of day and night. When I went there, there was a Pizza Pizza […]

oh yeah, another thing

I saw Tony Shaloub yesterday. I was walking up Church St at Queen, where the big Henry’s camera store is, and a Cadillac Escalade parked on Church St across from Henry’s. Tony Shaloub wearing some sunglasses got out of one side, and some other guy got out of the other side. I saw Tony, recognized […]

Sad news for UTS folks

CBC News: Toronto student killed in solar-powered car – The student is Andrew Frow, UTS class of 2001. I remember going to high school with him at UTS, even though he was three years younger. This story is all over the place now, including slashdot.