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Civil Marriage Act – It’s been tabled today. It’s about time.

I just want to know one thing.

Which UI engineer at Microsoft thought that mapping Backspace to the ‘Back’ browser function in IE was a good idea? When you think you’re typing in a text field, but you’re not, and suddenly you’re not on the page you thing you are, that’s bad. Argh. Bonus points for someone who can tell me how […]

we is back, y’all

Holy crap, we were gone for a while. Now we’re back. Schweet. So, you’re probably wondering, what the heck happened? Well here’s the short story: was hosted by my friend, Stan, because he was really nice back when I had no job and no webspace. Well, around the end of the year, the following […]

Why must everything I love to watch be cancelled?

“Dead Like Me” Gets Killed – Oh Crap! Sandy’s going to be super-pissed about this when she wakes up.

So glad I take the GO Train now.

CBC Toronto – TTC to put televisions in subway cars – they had better come up with a damn good way of preventing people from disabling them. I think it’s kind of sad that the TTC has to resort to further blasting passengers with ads in order to get cash. The walls and floors of […]

We got a new kitten. His name is Sam. Which means we now have Sam and Max. If you didn’t get the reference, you haven’t played enough early 1990s Lucasarts adventure games yet. Anyways, here are some pictures of Sam.

life goes on. working for too little. things & stuff.


GTA overload

I think we all heard that GTA San Andreas came out the other day, but so did GTA Advance! Since I do the vast majority of my gaming on my GBA SP this was much more exciting for me. GTA Advance somehow manages to keep the same feel as the original GTA, but scaled down […]


This problem has been driving me nuts all day. I have a list. Each item in this list has a sequence value, starting from 1. I have a form to change the sequence of the items in the list. You can type in the sequence number to set it. So, coming into my script I […]