because l. ron hubbard holds the truth for all of us

Today I was not such a complete ass than I was last saturday.

According to my gigantic master playlist, I have over 219 hours of music in MP3 format. That’s over nine days. This is good to know in case my CDs suddenly di sappear in a cruel twist of cosmic fate and the momentary suspension of the laws of physics.

Haven’t had time to do much thinking. It’s the week of non-thinking I think. T oday I decided to set up a web-based bookmark manager. Yes, I’m a geek. Links when I get it all nice and done.

QOTD: “I did absolutely nothing and it was everything that I thought it could be.” –Office Space
Yes, I just saw Office Space. I’ve had it for over a year but never got around to watching it. It was rather funny and so much of it was pulled right out of c orporate and geek culture. I was actually rather impressed. “PC Load Letter?
What the fuck does that mean?!!” Heh. I also had no clue that it was written a nd directed by Mike Judge, who created King of the Hill, one of my favourite shows. Aah, the ugly truth of No rth American society rears its ugly head once again.

Song: Guster – Window
I loaded my huge fuckin’ playlist into Winamp, clicked shuffle, and I swear this is the first song that came out – one of my favourites. Guster live from 3/17/98. The title for this update actually came from the beginning of the track when Adam is babbling on about something.


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