lebanese blonde

You will listen to Thievery Corporation, or die. (Thanks, Jor.)

So, what is going through my brain lately?

I was walking down the main aisle of a local department store today and thought about the “progress” society has made in the past 100 years. The massive complexity of modern western life just turns my brain to mush sometimes, especially when I’m shopping. I walk down the aisle and see: toaster oven, vacuum, cosmetics, board games, videos, and think why. Although I question it, in a way I’m also awash in it: my computers have been the main component of my life for the majority of my life. I don’t understand or believe society sometimes, but still participate in it. Do I do so against my will?

Mmmmm, green tea.

This afternoon I went to the mall to do some christmas shopping. I got some people out of the way, but still have the two hardest left: my Dad and Sandy. Assuming you subscribe to this holiday gift-giving thing, it seems that the more important a person is to you, the harder it is to buy something for them. Either that or I just suck.

Yesterday was our (Sandy and I) two month anniversary. Proof that it has seemed much longer: I almost typed “four” instead of two. I love her very very much and I can’t wait to move in (I’m practically living there anyways)


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