much more moving

Operation: Move the Heck Out Already got under way today. Sandy and I moved a lot of boxes with the car today. We made 5 or 6 trips to the new place and unloaded everything into the machine room (at least, it will be the machine room when we’re done with it). It was a bit of mayhem as there were people moving out of our new place, U-Hauls parked everywhere, cats running around, and the like. We moved a ton of stuff though. All that’s really left is our furniture (desks, tables, beds), my computer, and a box or two of clothes and miscellaneous stuff.

Other stuff I’ve been working on that needs to be complained about:

  • The Newton’s representation of repeating events is really hard to decode.
  • The vCalendar specification is a little looney.
  • The vCalendar test application is very, very looney. Especially when it doesn’t handle times in accordance with the spec.

Yeah, I’m working on vCalendar support for NewtDump. Repeat meetings and events are going to be tough, though.


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