take me to the source of chaos, let me be the butterfly

Well, because of PHP stuff still not being built (Stany, do you read this?), I haven’t been writing here. But this is no longer an issue, because I am done working at the big bad bank. Finito. No longer.
Finished. Bye-bye. Sayonara. It’s done. Over.

So, you ask, what bigger and better things have I moved on to now? The answer is: I can’t really say other than:

  • I’m working in Guelph
  • It’s for a brand-new company
  • I’m Lead Developer
  • It’s top-secret™
  • I’m very happy to be there

I picked this job out of about five I was offered, total. It was pretty nuts for a while there: I had some people who wanted to break my contract that afternoon so I could go work for them. But I ended up picking this position: it’s just an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

On Thursday we had a SONUG meeting. It was pretty good. Oh, and I got interviewed by Wired. That was cool too.

In other news… Acer monitors suck huge ass. Don’t buy them. Even worse, Acer monitor repair depots are open from 9-4, M-F. Does anyone who has a full-time job have time to frickin’ drop their monitor off between 9-4 on a weekday? It’s not exactly one of those things you can get off for, like a dentist appointment: “Uh, sorry boss, I can’t come to work tomorrow morning, my monitor’s sick and I have to drive it to Richmond Hill.” I don’t think so. This monitor has been in service for less than six months. It’s dead. I hate Acer. They made me wait a week until I had the time to actually DRIVE the monitor 100km so I can wait at least a week to get it fixed. Fuckers.

I scanned this from the back of the box of my Sony headphones a while ago.
It’s just so simple yet cool.

guy with headphones.

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