PHP really is a joy to work in. Ahh, PHP. Work is much nicer now that I actually get to write code, and I know what the project has to do.

The scooter is now fully licenced, safety certified, and plated. It got new rear shocks, a new rear tire, and a tune-up at the shop. Runs much smoother now. It seems like the belt slips at low speeds though. At least with the plates, I don’t have to live in fear of the Guelph police when I drive it around. Just under two weeks until I take my safety course, after which I’ll have my M2 licence, and then I can get my full M sometime in… 2004? Damn graduated licensing.

I’m convocating from University tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like a really big deal. I’ll finally have my Bachelor of Computing though. After four years. Wow, I guess it is a big deal. It seems like I accomplished more in high school… although high school was six years long.


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