Third-Party Pepper Pad RPMs

These are RPM packages that I’ve built for the Pepper Pads which you may find somewhat useful. You can download them directly onto your pad, and then install them from an xterm. All of this is free / open source software. In some cases I’ve used another Linux vendor’s source RPM package, in others I wrote my own RPM spec from scratch. Source RPMs are at the bottom of the page.

THESE PACKAGES ARE PROVIDED WITH NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. Standard disclaimer applies, yadda yadda yadda.

Pepper, Inc has this to say about messing around with your Pepper’s software:

The Pepper Pad is covered by a Limited Warranty which does not apply to any damage due to hardware or software modifications to this product by any party other than a Pepper Computer authorized service facility. Additionally, Pepper Computer will not provide support for any problems caused by unwarranted modifications.


  1. Tap on the link(s) to download the RPM files to your Pad. The Pad will complain that it doesn’t know how to handle this file type, don’t worry about it.
  2. Press Ctrl-Shift-1 to open an xterm window.
  3. Type cd /opt/Downloads – this is the directory where the Pad saves downloaded files.
  4. Type ls *.rpm to see the RPM packages you’ve downloaded.
  5. To install one, type rpm -Uvh [rpm name] where [rpm name] is the name of one of the files you saw in the previous listing. You can type just a few letters of the file name and then press Tab to autocomplete the rest. Press Enter and then RPM will install the file (you’ll see a crude progress bar).
  6. The package might complain that there are missing dependancies. Some of these packages will require you to install optional components of Montavista Linux Pro 3.1 or Fedora Core 4.



6 replies

  1. everything installed fine, but how do i run it?

  2. Hi,
    I enjoy emelfm2, thanks for making that possible.
    Somehow vi is beyond my capacities, would you know a simple text editor for pepperpad that would not require high skills ?
    Thanks in advance if you have an idea

  3. I was able to install both the calculator and the file manager. Excellent! I am enjoying the PP2 more as I am able to add this type of functionality. I was also trying to install the Screen application, but got the error “need /sbin/install-info” any ideas?

    Thanks for the software efforts.

  4. I ended up answering my own question…install the “info” package from the MontaVista rpms. Thanks again.

  5. i tried to install realvnc. get error message. i am not a linux user. what am i doing wrong? thanks. jd

    error message says cant find source?

  6. Great job on these – really wish it weren’t necessary for you to go through all the trouble though – MonteVista/Redhat vs. debian- what were they thinking? Would it still be possible to use apt to get ARM-based debian packages or would this not work? If only….