Archive for May 8th, 2003

Group for User Interface Research – Projects – DENIM and SILK – DENIM is a visual web-site designer that allows you to export mocked-up prototypes of sites. Looks really cool.

slash. hack. stab.

There’s something so succinct in summing up products or processes in three words. Things like “Rip. Mix. Burn.” or, to extend it a bit: Steal Underpants. ????? Profit. Anyways, last night we went to see X2 (aka X-Men 2, aka some other silly titles) at the budget-conscious Rainbow Cinema Fairview across the street from our […]

Hotmail & Passport (.NET Accounts) Vulnerability – holy crap. Hey, anyone with a web browser can reset anyone else’s MS Passport password, thereby completely screwing them! This is BAD. Yet another reason to not keep all your eggs in one basket – in this case the Microsoft basket.