do you believe

I have a confession to make: I’m hopelessly addicted to BBC World, channel 501 on Sta rChoice. I can’t really explain why. I use to always watch BBC World News on CBC NewsWorld (every night at 6pm), and now I can watch it 24 hours a day. I also really like the new graphics and music they have to bring the channel toge ther. I gotta record some of that.

I spent last night madly trying to add some Newton commercials to my Newton Cage site, only to wake up groggily this morning, login here, and type ‘rm -rf *’ in the wrong directory. Poof, th ere goes my entire site. Thank god I have backups – I have an exact copy on my personal workstation and always edit locally and then upload the new pages. So all morning I was just uploading the entire site again. Crap. Also, I hadn’t b acked up my new spiffy bookmark thing, so that’s now gone again. Damn.

I went to Google today and queried for ‘chum a’ and found this page. An d that was about it. So I immediately went and added this site to Google 🙂

I want to build one of these. Maybe I’ll give


a shout and lookup some part costs from Digikey.

I gotta get more photos up.

Song: Beatnuts – Do You Believe
On a big hiphop swing today it seems. Lots of Beatnuts, Nas, Tribe, Choclair, a nd tapes from CIUT.


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