i’ll be your whatever you want

Today was my first day at work. I work for

dotSoftware Incorporated

/Maptuit.com Incor porated. I do… well to be perfectly honest I don’t think I really have a job description. I expect to be doing a wide variety of things there, which is good, ’cause I like variety and I like being challenged.

It’s a nice change of pace having a normal routine compared to the hectic crazy pace of university. I woke up, had a shower, breakfast, checked my mail and rea d the daily webcomics, got on the TTC, made it to work, got set up with my cube / computer / phone / accounts, worked all morning, lunched with most of the othe r people there (it’s a small company), worked all afternoon, took the GO Train h ome. It was beautiful. The only random thing that happened is that I ran into Sarah Liss (UTS Class of 1998) randomly at the corner of Church and Front, but u nlike university, this random thing wasn’t destructive or complicated. It was j ust good.

I’ve found that since I got my Newton back and I started wearing my BurroPak I’ve been using my Newton mu ch more as a scribblepad than I ever did before. I’ve been writing down random ideas that pop into my head, things that I’ve wished I’d written down all these years. On a handheld platform that died over two years ago. Hrm.

Jordan, go back to work.

I also added a bit to the Writings section. Czech it o ut.

Song: The Breeders – Cannonball
Aah, memories of the UTV”93 Preview. Heh. I have absolutely no clue what the lyrics to this song are, but I love the bass line. Bass = Good. No, wait, I

href=”http://www.noaloha.com/breeders/music/cannonball/cannonball_lyrics.htm#Ca nnonball”>found them. Weird.


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