12th warrior

Bjorn Lynne is one of the greatest composers of our time IMO. My favourite album of his has got to be his latest, Revive. It’s so good I posted a comment on his web board when it came out, and I actually got quoted on the page!

Thanks to Tony for Pylon of the Month, which it probably the most boring site ever conceived. Not only that, but all of the photos are taked in depressing overcast conditions (or at least it seems that way). Stereotypical British dreariness.

I watched Trekkies on TMN last night. It was a really, really interesting documentary. I thought it was very well done. They talked to a lot of interesting people, and the majority of them were not the total wackos that most people think Trekkies are.

My Shopping List (in no particular order):

  • 128MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM
  • SCSI DVD drive (which will probably require me to rewire vast amounts of my SCSI bus)
  • the Perl Black Book