stand up, be strong, go out there, hold on

YAWN… well, poker night was a great time. Most of the usual suspects from last year were there. Unfortunately transportation to and from Seb’s house is less-than-stellar on a Sunday, and that caused some people to leave a little early. Ah well, who am I to complain, I had a good night and made $10 🙂

I am convinced not that ATI‘s video drivers are written by 8 year old Taiwanese childred working in sweatshop conditions. Why? Because these Windows98 drivers BLOW GOATS. And they’re messing up my computer. It might be time to re-run the Win98 upgrade to get things back to normal.

Song: Brand New Heavies – Brother Sister
Ironically enough, my sister first introduced me to this band, and this happens to be one of their best songs.


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