my god, I’m tired this morning. Alarm went off at 6:30, I turned it off and then fell back, saying “I’ll just lie in be for a few minutes…” Woke up again at 7:10. I guess it didn’t help that I got home at 1 and stayed up until 2.

Looks like this afternoon I’m gonna pick up 128MB of RAM and a new soundcard for my machine. Mmm, ‘lectronics.

Until last night I totally forgot that I have to get a corsage for the formal next week. Crap.

Plan for tonight:

  • Buy memory and soundcard with Calum before catching the GO train
    • Memory – 128MB PC100 DIMM from Sonnam
    • Soundcard – Probably a SB PCI 128 OEM from wherever.

  • Go Home and install new hardware – reshuffle CD-ROM drives etc.
  • Work on NewtDump – tonight I want to implement:
    • do the 8-bit character translation thing using the code from Steve Weyer
    • Automatic filename generation
    • Add more stuff to prefs – default download directories?


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