keys to the house

This morning my bus only had 10 people on it. This was extremely bizzare since usually buses on the Sheppard East bus in the morning are packed. But this morning was awesome, I relaxed on the bus, listened to my house tape and read Kafka.

For about the past month I’ve been reading Kafka’s Diaries. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it right now. I’ve read most of his other works, but this is something totally different. It’s almost like spying on someone else’s life. It’s also very interesting to read because his own thoughts, reflections, and experiences are mixed in with fragments of prose and other things. Of course, unless you’re interested in Kafka you’re not going to want to read this. But whatever. Here’s a quote:

The trees have been growing here for twenty years, how small should a person become under them. And all these nights, you know, in all the houses. Now you lie against this, now against that wall, so that the window keeps moving around you. And these mornings, you look out of the window, move the chair away from the bed and sit down to coffee. And these evenings, you prop up your arm and hold your ear in your hand. Yes, if only that weren’t all!


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