take the law into your own hands!

I think I would buy CDs if they had music videos on them as well. Until then, I’ll just go to sites like this for music. Yum.

Hopefully the cats won’t keep me awake tonight. Last night they only woke me up once (around 3:30am). The night before (my first night) they kept me awake ALL NIGHT. How, you may ask? They wrestle. And fight. Not serious fighting, just playing but they’re constantly running around and throwing each other to the ground. And occasionally they meow to me as if yo say “C’mon, get up and join the fun!” Grr. The whole problem is that they’re nocturnal. They sleep all fucking day, the bastards. I wish I was a cat.

Song: Radiohead – No Suprises (Live Frejus June 17 2000)
such a pretty house and
such a pretty garden
no alarms and no suprises
no alarms and no suprises
no alarms and no suprises, please


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