i saw you dancing with elihu up on leemor’s bed

Today was my birthday. Hard to believe I’m 20. Already birthdays have ceased to be important for me. Today I went to the opthamologist and then picked out a new pair of glasses – that was fun. Then I went to work for about, oh, 15 minutes, and then was at COMDEX/Canada for the rest of the day.

My body currently hates me because I played football for three hours yesterday evening and then walked around all afternoon. I have no legs. At least, I can’t feel them, and they steadfastly refuse to move, so I might as well not have any.

At dinner with my parents I got tickets to the du Maurier Open Tennis Final. Nice.

This picture is making me think of switching to BSD.

Song: Phish – Sample in a Jar
I wheeled around because I
Didn’t hear what you had said
I saw you dancing with Elihu
Up on Leemor’s bed
And I was foggy rather groggy, you helped me to my car
The binding belt enclosing me, a Sample in a Jar


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