in the middle of that riot

I’m starting to get sick of the NewtonTalk mailing list. I get sick of the same questions being asked over and over again by either clueless people who are new to the list or stupid AOL users who seem to only know how to send dumb questions, not actually read or learn any useful information, or people who are too stupid or lazy to look things up themselves.

Yes, I’m ranting and raving right now. I can’t wrap my head around people not being able to do a simple search for some easy-to-find information. The internet is full of goddamn information. Use it instead of adding to the cruft. If this continues I’m going to start answering dumb questions with links to search engines. Half the fucking time I can answer a question by providing an exact link to The Newton FAQ or another useful page. Every week I post an announcement to the mailing list and the newsgroups that yes, there IS a FAQ and yes, it IS up to date and yes, you SHOULD read it before you ask simple questions like “How do I install a package?” Bah. I think I’m just getting bitter and jaded in my old age. Time to write a book.

Song: The Tragically Hip – Fireworks
Meredith (I’m not sure if I can call her my girlfriend due to our current sketchy seperation) doesn’t like The Tragically Hip. I think they’re pretty good, to the point where I once listened to Wheat Kings for 72 hours non-stop. On repeat, for three days. I could do the same with this song I think.

You say you didn’t give a fuck about hockey
Well I never saw someone say that before

Oh, and my definition of a Canadian is that a Canadian must be able to watch hockey and cheer for Canada. Anyone who is unable to do so it thrown into the lake immediately.