It’s time for my semi-regular list o’ things:

  • Campus Co-op volunteer thing is moving forward. I met the sysadmin today in a meeting – a good guy. I’m looking forward to working on that site.
  • This week and next I’m knee-deep in the drama department production of Dracula. This week is tech week, chock-full of rehersals, and next week are the performances. Yay! I’m having lots of fun.
  • Sandy and I are doing great, thank you for asking 🙂 It’s strange that we are already talking about living arrangements for next year and I can actually envision us living together.
  • My website is almost back to normal, thank dog. Web stuff is almost done, e-mail is back up, I still have to move the Newton Cage sometime soon though.
  • I had a meeting with my compiler group today and they were nice to me this time, we had a good meeting and it looks like things are going to get done.

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