get your snack on

My girlfriend said a little while ago that everyone at university is screwed up in some way. I would have to agree. University is a time of massive change for most people. Every year of my university career has been totally different from the others. There are only a few things or people that have carried through the whole time. Some of them are friends, others are bad habits that I’d rather get rid of.

Massive change tends to give us a lot of stress, and make us crazy. This is why most university students are crazy.

I often wonder who the regular visitors are to this page. I know that most of my friends read it at least semi-regularly, but when I look at the web logs there are accesses that I just can’t account for. Hey, I’ve got stalkers 🙂

I was thinking that it’s time for another life inventory:

  • School: sucks, bites, blows, and swallows.
  • School Gov’t: going great. Lots of friends up on high now 🙂
  • Volunteer stuff: My Newton projects are going crazy. That’s a good kind of crazy. If I let it, this stuff could consume all of my time.
  • Family: better. I feel like I am a little more comfortable with my parents. Maybe one of these days I’ll completely tear down the well between us.
  • Friends: I think I have one of the greatest circles of friends ever. You guys rock.
  • Computer: well, it’s still here, and not exploding (pets Asuka)
  • Sandy: it’s strange, the past few times I’ve talked to my mother she keeps on asking me how much I’m in love with Sandy. I think she’s afraid or something. I’m not afraid. I have the most wonderful person in the whole world to be with. And no one else can have her 🙂

Because of the events of my last entry, I don’t have an exam until Friday. yay me.

“Weasel bag sex!!!!” — Everyone at the party last night


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