cosmic girl

Well, it’s official. This evening Sandy and I signed the lease for our apartment for next year. It was pretty exciting. The apartment is sort of in the basement of a house (it is technically the basement, but we have a patio door that opens out to the backyard), but it’s very nice (not at all the usual description of a basement apartment). The house is owned by a nice vet student who is just graduating now. Come May (when we move in) it will just be Sandy and I downstairs and the owner and her boyfriend upstairs, which is cool. I can’t wait. I’m so happy that we’re getting our own place.

Went with Sandy for another visit to the homeopath today as well. Thank my lucky stars that I’ve never been so sick that modern medicine couldn’t cure me. The homeopath (actually, I think she’s more of a homeopathic nutritionist) seems to realize that many things are caused not by a disease but by personal habits and nutrition.

Just knocked off my 311 assignment, and going to write my essay outline for my philosophy course tonight as well.


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