center of attention

Right now I feel like I lost all of my friends suddenly.

Tony’s in Toronto. Nic I barely see. Mark I have classes with, but he’s going through a lot of different things right now. Amy and Cait seem very distant. I just seem to have stopped doing things with people lately. Do people suddenly think they should stay the hell away from me because I have a successful relationship? Is this what it’s like to concentrate on school, cause if it is then this sucks.

It’s probably just the semi-yearly total change of relationships happening a little early. It just seems like I’m losing a lot and not gaining anything… yet. It’ll come.

I haven’t seen Jordan in so long, I miss her. I need to ingest some Kowloon food.

I’ve also got that life envy thing: Just browsing Pete’s web site and looking enviouslly at his photos of Prague. My sister’s going to Budapest. I’m stuck in Canada.

Song: Guster – Happier

Say goodbye, lose your friends
Make them go, don’t need them around
Cause’ it’s time, to lose your friends
Make them go, was never supposed to be like this
They were too weak, too prone to break
There needs to deep, their skin too thin
By now you took what was to take
tear it apart and start again


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