evolved from shadows, the day is now digital

…whatever the means, time is still critical
so don’t clock this work, take it for what it’s worth…

Rascalz – Clockwork

Lip and mouth feeling a lot better this evening. I made a follow-up appointment for Monday, but things are great right now.

I’ve been playing PSX quite a bit now. I don’t think I’ve gotten excessive: it’s not as if you can’t pry me off the thing, but Final Fantasy 8 is just such a great game. There are parts of it that I dislike: the actual game/character system itsenf took a lot of getting used to, especially the junctioning, but I learned most of it now (and there are built-in tutorials). Yesterday afternoon though I got sucked in when I promised Sandy I would spend some time with her. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it. She got a bit mad at me with good reason, but we patched things up.

Today I made a point of going to the-flower-shop-that-is-never-open and buying her a boquet of flowers. Nice flower shop: too bad they close at 4:30 every day, which is silly.


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