world demise

From the Apocalypse Watch section in today’s Chrominance:

…first on the list is the latest Sunny Delight advertising campaign. Maybe you’ve seen this, or maybe it’s a Canada only campaign; it involves an Austin-Powers-MiniMe-like villain scheming to harness the power of the California Sun. Ooops, too late, because Sunny D’s already done it!

What I’d like to add is this: Sunny Delight has been targeting their advertising for years to specific age groups in order to bombard one particular generation, in the hopes that they started using the product at an early age and keep using it as they grow up. If you think about old Sunny D ads, you’ll notice that they started by targeting young (less that 12) children (and their parents), then went for the more independant 12-18 year group, and now seemed to be targeting 18-24 year olds – until this putrid ad came out.

In my own humble opinion, another sign of the coming apocalypse is that Kraft Pizza commercias are starting to become almost carbon-copies of every single terrible commercial that McCain’s has made in the past 20 years.


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