so as sure as the sun will shine

…and then the harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all

Musicially, I’ve been all over the place lately. From game soundtracks (Chrono Trigger, yum!) to Phish to Moby to Shaggy, my musical mood can probably be best described as mild schizophrenia.

Classes are heating up. Many assignments and the like. Ah, yes, school, I remember what that means. I have to think about my course selection for next semester already. Grrr.

Sandy went for some surgery on Wednesday. Not a major procedure, mind you, but she was still scared and so was I. She’s doing as well as can be expected right now, thanks to all of her friends who’ve been supporting her and gave her flowers 🙂

I really haven’t been writing a lot since this September 11 thing. And not because it affected me so deeply. Well, that morning I was thinking that Bill was alright, but then I found out that he was on the roof of his building taking photos of the whole thing. I’ve just had nothing that I needed to get off my chest out to the world, it seems. Maybe it’s because I have someone to talk to and who will listen to me at any time of the day, about anything at all. I still like to keep track of some things here though. Like lists of things I’m working on! Yeah!

  • School school school school.
  • Taking care of things at home probably counts now too. Upkeep, feeding my self and others…
  • The mailing list is pretty self-sustaining right now, which is good.
  • Starting to do a bit of Waba development for the Newt, as well as collecting my usual ideas for things, and helping folks out whenever I can.

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