night of a thousand lists

Books on the to-read list:

  • Godel, Escher, Bach, which is still in progress
  • All the Harry Potter books
  • All of the Lord of the Rings books (hopefully, I’ll get these done before the second movie comes out)

That’s only seven books, most of which are over 500 pages. Wheee!

All in all, I had a great Christmas holiday. I stayed for four days with Sandy at her parents’ house where I was put to work in the fields and toiled for…. heh. No, it was really relaxing. I wish I had a hot tub.
I would live in it, and it would have waterproof consoles so I could IRC from the water. Yeah. Anyways, after that I went and stayed at my parents’ cottage over Christmas proper. It finally snowed on Christmas eve and every day after, so I got to take the snowmobile out! It was great seeing my cousins for Christmas dinner. Lucky kids got a PS2.
Grrrr. Oh well. I got a LEGO Train, a wireless keyboard, and a 40GB drive. Ahhh, toys.


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