still don’t understand why things turn out this way

Ugh. Okay. So I almost lost my sanity a few times last week. But things are pretty much back to order now. The Arts Pub on Wednesday was not a total failure. In fact, in many ways it was a success: people came!
Bands didn’t start over an hour later than we had scheduled! The sound guy randomly disappeared to “get more mic stands” but eventually came back with even more sound guys! Who eventually got all of the monitors working, and didn’t want to murder the bands! And the bands didn’t want to kill me for having no sound checks! Yay! And I didn’t have a nervous breakdown, although I was pushing it for a little while there. Dear Jordan: when you say you are in one place, and I say “I’m coming to get you, don’t move” then DON’T MOVE. Really. Losing friends is stressful.

OTOH, Erin Smith Band played at our event. Somehow I’ve been turned into a total fanboy in a matter of weeks. They’re awesome. Erin didn’t care that things ended up going late, and they were really cool when they went on and played a great set.
And although there weren’t so many people watching by that time, the people who were were all dancing. That was awesome. It made the night for me (and I think for the band too) that the people who had stayed were hardcore and really enjoying their music. I so wanted to go to their show at C’est What in Toronto last night but it didn’t happen.

The other stressful thing going on the last week was Newtontalk related. And the topic was simple: T-Shirts. You’d thin that the lowly t-shirt would be a simple discussion for people; oh no. Lots of people wear t-shirts. There are many many different kinds of t-shirts out there. Therefore, everyone wants a different thing printed on their t-shirt. Also, there are more people out there with t-shirt shops than you think. And they want a piece of the action. This all turns into a Bad Thing for yours truly, List Dad extraordinaire. 1300 people are hard to control in a discussion, let me tell you. So. Eventually things got sorted out, I’ve gotta order a bunch of t-shirts sometime soon. Sigh. Took too long to come to that conclusion, let me tell you.

So Festival of the Arts is over, I kept my sanity through two assignments and a 2500 word paper (oh yeah, gotta print that now), so things are at a decent level of goodness. Maybe I’ll write here more often. That would be nice. I’ve been trying to carry my camera around to take more photos, but it just hasn’t been happening and also campus has been pretty ugly lately. But I’ve got a few ideas for pics, so hopefully they’ll make it up. Just FYI, I’m stealing this idea from Grant, ’cause he’s such a cool guy.


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