project upgrade-old-mac

Project upgrade-old-mac has just begun, and is almost complete! Now that I can actually see video (thanks to a borrowed Mac video to VGA adaptor), it’s time to make this box not-so-sluggish. I picked up 32MB of RAM for the little pizza box over lunch, which will upgrade it to 40MB. I’m also going to pick up an extra cache module off of eBay for dirt cheap (like $2). I think I’m going to stay with the installed MacOS 8.1 now. Anyways, here are the specs (once I upgrade it tonight):

  • Apple PowerMac 6100/66
  • Motorola PowerPC 601 CPU at 66MHz
  • 8MB of onboard RAM, plus 32MB of SIMM RAM = 40MB RAM
  • Apple SuperDrive 1.44MB floppy drive
  • Conner 350MB SCSI hard drive, plus 1GB IBM SCSI hard drive
  • Panasonic CW-7502 8x4x SCSI CD-R drive (mounted externally)
  • Integrated sound, Ethernet, ADB, serial ports
  • Apple Extended II keyboard & mouse
  • MacOS 8.1
  • A monitor, if it’s plugged in

And the machine name will be… Kensuke.


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