evil bus day

Yesterday was Evil Bus Day. Here’s why:

  • Morning. I’m on the Greyhound to Toronto as usual, trying to get some rest, as usual. As I wake up in the middle of the trip, I look out the window and notice that we’re not on a major highway anymore. Taking a few more seconds, I realize that we’re in the middle of Highway 10 in Mississauga – aka NOT ON THE ROUTE. There hasn’t been service via Mississauga in at least a few months. Apparently this driver didn’t get the memo. A passenger was talking to him at the time I noticed and, after a cell phone call, he apologized to everyone and went on to Toronto – 45 minutes late.
  • Evening. The air conditioning in the bus isn’t working. The temperature inside the bus is about ten degrees over the temperature outside (which is 17 degrees). Guy next to me is either claustrophobic, just nervous, or both, because he keeps on staring at me, looking behind him (at what? the seat?), and trying to make smalltalk with me while I’m wearing headphones.

I hope this gets through alright, because I was messing with the script and may have broken it.