light-rail coyote

The new Sleater-Kinney is good. I must say one thing though: it is loud. There aren’t any pansy-ass tracks on this album; not that I didn’t enjoy You’re no Rock and Roll Fun from All Hands on the Bad One. That’s my favourite song from that album. But One Beat is heavy: either grinding guitars, or slow songs bordering on morose. It’s good that way. I’m going to be giving HMV my $25 just so I can give the band $1. Sigh. Damn recording industry. That’ll be the first CD I’ve bought from a store in a long time (probably since Bran Van 3000’s Discosis). Man, if they ever come even close to Toronto, I’m so there. They’ll be in New York on Saturday, actually, but I’ve already got plans.

This week was kinda depressing, but yesterday and today I pulled myself up by the bootstraps (with some help). There was Saturday, with “Dear Bank: why did you debit my account for a negative payroll?”, “The Spence Diamonds Experience™”, “Toronto Drivers are Jerks who Park Badly at Ikea”, and as a result of this “Me acting badly to the person I love the most”. With that out of the way, Sunday was my birthday. I only found out a few years ago that July 14 is Bastille Day in France: the anniversary of the start of the French Revolution in 1789. Now my birthday always feels like an entire nation is partying for me. In typical birthday style, I did nothing all day, which felt great. Sandy and I went for dinner with the folks, at Kaliedoscope in Guelph. Never been there before: it’s without a doubt the nicest restaurant in Guelph, and we had a nice time. The food was really good. Having read Kitchen Confidental though, I imagined that every time our server went back into the kitchen there were people screaming and throwing knives around. Sandy almost couldn’t come because she usually has her lifesaving class on Sunday, but she skipped it to be with me. We made it up last night: she was in the pool and I sat outside the pool, on a bench, alternately watching and studying Calculus. Ah, calculus. When I am done with you we are going out to the middle of nowhere and having a nice, smoky bonfire with all your papers. No one has yet made me see what use you are.


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